There’s a 90% Chance Your HVAC System Was Installed Incorrectly!

This may not seem realistic, but it actually is.  According to the Department of Energy (DOE), with research dating as far back as the mid-1990s and continuing through today, indicates that 70-90% of HVAC system faults result due to poor installation and maintenance practices by the HVAC companies.  With 37 years of knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry, as well as holding a Texas HVAC license, I can tell you this statistic is real.  Why does the everyday consumer have to suffer financially and jeopardize health and comfort having it not work properly?  While this knowingly takes place in both new-built and existing homes, we’ll focus on existing homes.  Here are some things to consider.

1) Oversized Or Undersized HVAC systems

 Most HVAC companies, without performing proper calculations with an ACCA Manual J heat load calculation and Manual S System calculation, will simply look at the current system and replace like-for-like.  In considering “cooling and heating” loads of your home, if a unit is installed that is too big, it will short cycle causing premature breakdowns, therefore wearing out sooner rather than later.  Let’s not forget the comfort issues it will cause with humidity problems.  If too small of a unit is installed, it will run for an extended period of time trying to keep up during the heat of the Summer months.  It may never reach temperature during the hottest months.  The only way to correct a problem with the HVAC system not sized correctly is to replace it.  Remember, getting quotes from two different HVAC contractors for the same HVAC system providing different pricing, will still get you a system that can perform 50% differently between both HVAC companies.

2) HVAC Technicians Don’t Follow Proper Installation Procedures

 While the HVAC system to the everyday homeowner looks like everything is installed correctly, there are underlying factors that the homeowner doesn’t see.  This can include proper vacuum procedures removing moisture, proper refrigerant levels, lack of adjustment for proper airflow, proper placement of the indoor and outdoor units, and ducts not sealed at the indoor unit or any other areas of the ducts.  These are just some concerns and fall in the area of proper startup procedures required by each manufacturer.  Unfortunately, not all technicians get things right during an HVAC installation.  The truth is there are a few practices that HVAC technicians actually get wrong more often than not.  Why?  It could be caused by simple complacency or just not getting the proper education.  Either way, the homeowner is the one that suffers.

3) Airflow Issues

Speaking of ducts, 70% of HVAC systems in the United States have issues relating to airflow and most HVAC contractors overlook this.  They generally just want to get the system installed cheaply, quickly, and move on.  With today’s technology of HVAC systems, proper airflow is very critical.  Try blowing or sucking as hard as you can through a kinked straw.  This is exactly what your system is doing.  Just simply will not work.  If the airflow is restricted either through the return air or supply air, the opposite will be reduced.  This pressure will cause major breakdowns in the system, humidity issues, etc.  Ducts may be leaky, undersized, or oversized for the new system.  Either way,  before you consider upgrading your HVAC system, have your ducts tested.  One simple test given by the HVAC technician can determine if there are airflow problems.

4) Industry Need

 According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA Standard 5 QI-2010), there is a need to have high expectations within the HVAC industry in order to ensure that quality installations occur.  This need benefits not only the HVAC contractor demonstrating quality work, but most importantly fulfilling the needs of the building owners themselves. This includes comfort, safety, energy-efficiency, and the indoor environment.  Within this Quality Installation (QI) Standard, the core elements include system design aspects, distribution aspects with ducts, equipment installation aspects, and system documentation and owner education.

Here at Diamond Head Inspection Services, LLC we do not just perform all types of inspections.  As a licensed HVAC contractor our goal is to ensure and protect the everyday consumer, in return providing you peace of mind.  This means that we do not perform any and all HVAC sales and installations, but rather unbiased third-party HVAC quality installation inspections, design, consulting, and testing.  So, before you go out and feel pressured into upgrading your HVAC system, give us a call.  We will provide you with all the information specific to your home and your needs before you go out and get those bids.  Afterwards, we can perform the inspection to ensure the work is done properly.  We can even look over the bids with you.  Want to save thousands of dollars and have better health, safety, and comfort… today at (737)600-2949 or go on our website at You’ll be glad you did!

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